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2018 has been exciting year full of fundraising and behavioural work.



A vey special boy Edward!    *** rehomed ***

Thanks to our supporters we are able to help Edward build some muscle in his back legs with hydrotherapy. Edward travels well in his crate & is very relaxed in the car. He loved getting attention from the ladies at the hydrotherapy & he was an absolute delight when we had to wait outside as we were early. He sat nicely & didn’t react to the other dog. Edward behaved so well & it was amazing how he took everything in his stride.
This lad has a wonderful personality that really shone through today on our first trip out. Edward is certainly a lovable clown!

A little bit of Edward`s life story… https://www.facebook.com/Rescuedogsinmind/

Edward is looking for a home http://www.homes4dogs.co.uk




Thank you for donations!

We would like to take an opportunity and say a big ‘thank you’ to Worldwide Fruit who has recently donated food to Agape Care Foodbank and Exotic Pet Refuge, as well as everyone who continuously support dog rescues with bedding and other essentials.
It’s wonderful to see that people are caring towards others and make this world a better place!
We have had a few busy days delivering donations and will continue to do so in the future!

Thank you for caring! xxxx




Beautiful day out with the pack.





Thank you Agape care!

Thank you Agape Care Foodbank in Spalding for dog food donation! These will be delivered to Kama’s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary




Two cheeky monkeys looking for a home!    *** rehomed ***

Meet two little rascals, Petra and Bilbo, who are looking for a home separately but with a canine companion!
Both are in the care of Animal Helpline Dog Rescue and fostered by one of our team members – Chris!
Petra & Bilbo are looking for an understanding home where they would be able to take their time and gain confidence!





Pack walk at Grimsthorpe Castle.

Beautiful day at Grimsthorpe Castle with four legged friends!
Petra and Bilbo are in the care of Animal Helpline Dog Rescue and are looking for a special forever home!
They are in foster with one of our team members Chris and will require a quite and patient home with canine companion!
We had a fantastic day out walking for a few miles and dogs thoroughly enjoyed!



Day out educating children at Jack Hunt School, Peterborough.

Fantastic morning @ Jack Hunt School, Peterborough!
All the children were very respectful and keen to understand how to meet a new dog!
Yet again, Chica has been perfect ambassador and just loved children!

A big ‘thank you’ to all the parents for bedding donations! Dogs at Animal Helpline will be very grateful!



Dogs in Mind team are pleased that one of our Star dogs, Prince, has found his forever home and finally have his ‘happily ever after’.

Some pictures of Prince in his home:

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Ryhall Summer Gala – dog show

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Annual Greyt Greyhound Picnic 2018

It was a privilege to help out on the day and raise some money for Kama`s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary. It was a very windy and rainy day but despite that we had a cracking time and managed to raise just over £1000. A bit thank you to Paul Hindle for inviting us!





Animal Helpline annual Fun Dog Show 2018

We had a fantastic day running annual Animal Helpline fundraising dog show. It was a hot but absolutely wonderful day, we met many dogs who where homeless and awaiting patiently for their forever home. We raised whooping £ 2589.20 for ongoing kennel refurbishment.

For more photos please see: Animal Helpline Dog Show 2018




Little boy Carrick testing new harness!

Here at Dogs in Mind our ‘4 paws package’ is about working with a lot of nervous dogs mainly from Romania.

We have been asked about the harnesses we use and thought we would highlight the ones that we would recommend.

We have found that these harnesses are
* Easy to fit
* Resize when required
* Work as a thunder jacket – on some dogs this is great ! not all.
* Dogs can not pull out of them -Although we use 2 leads at first on nervous dogs.
* Handle on top which can help you if the dog becomes fearful – Not good if dogs are prone to biting.

As with all harnesses the nervous dogs must be introduced slowly to them ,which means lot’s of introduction sessions with high value treats.
Here’s little CARRICK looking for a home at Animal Helpline modelling the ferplast harness.
Well done Carrick!!




Beta`s Land visit in 2018

We visited Bet`s Land rescue in Romania. It was a hard week working in scorching Romanian summer, we cleaned kennels daily, fed, brushed and cuddles many dogs! It was a great reminder of never ending challenging work Aurelia has to do to keep all dogs and cats safe and well.

For more photos please see : Beta`s Land 2018




Sponsoring 2 dogs who needed their front leg amputated.

Here’s a little update on two Romanian dogs who had their leg amputated to improve quality of life! Both dogs are doing well and are adapting to their new life!

Blacky – he was taken out of public shelter by Aurelia and where sadly his front paw was chewed off by other dogs. He got used to using only 3 legs but in the long run his damaged leg would cause him issues with his back, it simply had to go. He is recovering very well and is still the boss in the yard and is ruling over the other dogs!

Beta – this beautiful and gentle girl was found wondering the streets with half of her front leg missing, and it was clear that she was ready to say goodbye to it. We don’t know what happened to her at such a young age… Beta is recovering well and soon will be ready to find her forever home!

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported us in our journey.

Please be assured – you do make a difference!





Fun dog show for RAF families!

We had a fantastic day organising a fun Dog Show for RAF, Wittering families.

Check out how the day when – RAF dog show






Funding for 2 kennels at Animal Helpline.

Recent funding of two kennels for Animal Helpline.

We were privileged enough to have some generous supporters and with their support Dogs in Mind have been bale to fund couple of new kennel purchase.

Work at the rescue is ongoing and we are happy that some dogs are able to spend their time in a nice and warm kennel, while waiting for a forever home!

Check out our video! – new kennels




Little abandoned puppy in Romania!

Demi is a poor little puppy found alone trying to survive in Romania…
Luckily Aurelia from Beta’s Land Rescue took baby under her wing and she is currently fighting horrible Parvovirus and remains at the vet for life saving treatment!

We are glad to be able to help this little monkey and send £75 over to Aurelia to help cover part of the cost for this puppy.

Demi has found a forever home in Germany and has grown into a stunning lady!




Tiny Tim in need of a surgery for his leg!

We are so pleased to be able to cover Tiny Tim’s little operation at Kama’s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary. While Tim was going through the surgery he managed to lose his family jewels! ( hehehe )

This chap came into the rescue with a broken leg and needed a surgery.

We are pleased to say that he recovered well and has found a forever home!

Check out info on the rescue – Kama`s Cave




Day out in Tallington!

A little day out attending dog show in aid of Three Counties Dog Rescue!
Little Petra in the background is in the foster with one of our team members and is looking for a special home!



Children visiting Animal Helpline!

It was great to meet up with children from Park House School this week and answer all their questions regarding Dog Rescue.

Fella & Bella enjoyed their walk with the visitors and were so well behaved. Here at Dogs In Mind we believe educating children about homeless dogs is the way forward.

Fella & Bella have found a forever home!




Treats for Kama`s Cave dogs!

A little surprise treat for the Greyhounds!