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Dog with extremely matted coat and terrible tumour.


Where is love… there’s a hope!

This girl was found in a remote location in horrible condition… her fur was extremely matted and she had a big and painful tumour on her neck. Aurelia from Beta’s LAND stepped in without thinking and took this girl to an emergency vet. She was operated on and now look at her – pain free and happy!

Because of your support we were able to cover part of the vet bill. We have personally been at Beta’s Land Rescue and the work Aurelia does is absolutely amazing!



A little treat for Dowsdale Hedgehog Sanctuary


As animal lovers we really appreciate every single person who gives them a helping hand!



5 female dogs spayed in Romania.

Aurelia from Beta’s Land Rescue in Romania needed help to cover a cost to spay 5 female dogs who live in the woods but are fed by another lady. As many of you know, stray dog situation in Romania is bad and it`s very important to stay/neuter street dogs to stop the vicious circle. Aurelia asked for help to cover vet bill to spay 5 dog ( 30 euro per dog ) and as we understand the importance of this, we gladly offered help.





A little treat for Greyhounds.


Thank you to our Supporters!

We have sent a little Christmas  present to Kama’s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary .

A great charity who support this beautiful breed.