Petra is in a foster home

Petra is with Animal Helpline and looking for a forever home.


*** Petra has been rehomed ***

Petra, young mixbreed girl, under the care of Animal Helpline has just gone into foster with one of our Team. She says “Petra is especially playful with our bigger dogs, fully toilet trained and happy in the home environment. She is learning to trust people, walk on a lead and become more socialised”. See video clip below.


Prince and Edna

Prince and Edna, from Animal Helpline, both looking for forever homes

Some of our team had a lovely walk out in the woods in the sunshine with Prince and Edna this week. They are current residents of Animal Helpline Dog Rescue and share a kennel. Prince, as usual, living up to his nickname and was Prince Charming! Edna is a sweet more mature lady who thoroughly enjoys her walks and has a lot of love to give. They certainly both enjoy each others company and would love to find themselves a forever home with a compatible canine. For more info please see Animal Helpline Website


WitFest Dog Show at RAF Wittering

The Dogs in Mind Team had a fantastic day at WitFest – RAF Wittering Families Day! 👌🏻 The Canines who brought their human companions seemed to enjoy the day while supporting Animal Helpline Dog Rescue 🐶 It was great to see so many beautiful and well behaved dogs, it made judging very difficult. Thank you to Clair and her Team for making us so welcome. Here are a few pics from the day:

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WitFest Album


Storm and Blizzard

Husky lover alert!!! Please meet beautiful duo Storm & Blizzard! 🐶 They are an older couple who still are full of energy and mischief! 😃 They wouldn’t mind an outside kennel as that’s how they lived all their lives! 🏠 If you’re looking for a super duo and are experienced with either Huskies or large breed dogs then give Animal Helpline a call on 07709036103 ❤

For more information please visit

Storm and Blizzard are 9 years old siblings and looking for their forever home together! This lovely pair has come into our care through no fault of their own, they have lived all their lives outside and slept in the nice, warm kennel, so a home where they would be able to spend plenty of time outdoors would be suitable for them.  Storm & Blizzard are strong on the lead, but will calm down after a good walk, they are typical Huskies and will require a large breed experienced home. They are lovely dogs, still full of energy and happiness. Storm and Blizzard will make a fantastic companions to someone who understands breed traits and has enough time to exercise them, as well as give unconditional love.




BILBO our Star dog is so pleased to be sharing his bed with a new girlfriend at Animal Helpline, Wansford this week. Bilbo was one of our first dogs to be supported with our ‘Help 4 paws’ package and we smile when we remember how far he has come. He is a smashing little lad who so deserves a home and we are looking forward to that day when we see him nice and snug in a new home. Bilbo has only half an ear which is where in the Romanian public shelters they pull out the markers without any care for the dogs. It doesn’t bother Bilbo . When we first met Bilbo he was a frightened little soul although with time and patience he is starting to show what a great little dog he is. He loves the company of other dogs and once he knows you his little tail never stops wagging.  He has a great little character and we at Dogs in Mind look forward to taking him out and about in the coming months to get him used to the big wide world. We will be sharing Bilbo’s story over the next few weeks. We have all 4 paws crossed that 2018 will be Bilbo’s year !

Dog Show – Animal Helpline – 2018

We have already got next years Animal Helpline Dog Show booked, please add it to your next years Diary. A great opportunity to meet AH dogs that have been re-homed and celebrate the life of AH Founder, Ros Norman.

Date for Next Years Diary:

14th July 2018 – Animal Helpline Fun Dog Show – The Haycock Hotel, Wansford

Carrick, Petra and Bilbo.

Behaviour support at Animal Helpline

Here at Dogs in Mind we love to support the dogs that arrive at Animal Helpline Dog Rescue gates frightened of the outside world. Animal Helpline give their lodgers the love, care and a warm place to lay their head, although these Doggie Angels are often run ragged with the many daily duties required to keep the Rescue going.

In the past we have helped many frightened dogs and this year we focused on 3 doggies named Carrick, Petra and Bilbo, who all needed some support to fight their demons. You will find information on our work under the Animal Helpline section .

 *** Petra, Bilbo and Carrick have been rehomed ****

Have a look at a little video of Carrick, Petra and Bilbo.  It has been an incredible journey for these dogs. They arrived at the rescue very frightened of outside world and sadly, from a human hand too. We have been working hard for the past several months to help these dogs and have a chance to find a forever home.  Once again, we realise that our team may not change the world of homeless dogs but just maybe we will make a small difference to a few dogs like Carrick, Petra and little boy Bilbo.

Please see below videos of  beautiful Petra and handsome Bilbo.


A BIG THANK YOU to Animal Helpline for not only saving these beautiful souls but allowing us the privilege to work with them and be part of their journey.