A week in Beta`s Land Rescue, Romania!

In June 2018 Dogs in Mind spent a wonderful week in Beta`s Land Rescue in Romania. It was a lot of hard  work cleaning kennels and keeping dogs cool and comfortable in a hot Romanian weather. We, of course, cuddles lots of four legged angels and thoroughly enjoyed it. Aurelia is working very hard every day to keep the dogs safe, fed and happy. In Romania work never really stops, there is always a dog or a cat in need living rough on the streets. Sadly, there are many upsetting things to be seen, endless amount of abandoned animals who have been living in the family and even more animals who were born on the streets due to lack of spaying and neutering. That`s one of the reasons why we support spay/neuter program – it`s absolutely vital to reduce amount of unwanted dogs and cats.

We had an absolutely amazing week with Aurelia and her dogs! We loved every second of it and we truly admire Aurelia and her determination to make Romanian dog and cat lives better.

Take a look at some of the dogs looking for loving home!

Chance and Sandy

Dogs in Mind paid for Chance and Sandy to be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Two of the Dogs in Mind Team, Lynn and Santa visited Romania recently to work with our good friend Loaca Aurelia of Beta’s Land. With a small amount of funds raised by the sale of our collars produced by our very talented team member Santa we were able to support two doggies at Beta’s land. We paid for them to be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.


He was named Chance because Beta’s land gave this doggie in a church yard with wire tied round his neck a Chance of a better life.

A frightened soul who at first we thought was blind. A difficult job to catch but Aurelia with patience soon got him into a crate & then we were off to the vets. During our stay at Beta’s land we watched Chance improve and show what a beautiful soul he is. He seems to know a few commands and loves the company of other dogs. We made a nice, cosy shelter for him.

Aurelia will keep him at Beta’s land until he finds a home.

We at DiM have all 4 paws crossed that someone will give him a kind, loving home.


She was named Sandy because she was laying in the sand & two of our team members have dogs called by this name. This doggie is a street dog who lives in a lovely village where the people feed her and she has a nice shelter to sleep. Sandy has had pups in the past and Aurelia wanted to stop this happening again. After a while Aurelia was able to catch her & after being spayed Sandy has been put back into the village to live a happy life, free to spend her days roaming in the village being fed and cared for. It was wonderful to see & today we have received a picture of Sandy back where she belongs.

Thank you to Loaca Aurelia of Beta’s Land who makes this happen. A Doggie Angel for sure X