At a very young age I spent a lot of time with my mother – Joan Bradbury showing at Crufts and supporting her judging many dog shows. We always had rescue dogs in the home including Boxers, GSD, Collies, Staffies and they have given me comfort & companionship through difficult times in my life. I spent many years learning about dog behaviour and was often seen with my head in books reading & taking exams to understand the dog world and how they think. I have fostered, adopted and volunteered at many rescues abroad and in the UK watching and observing how dogs communicate.

One of my dogs that taught me so much was a staffie called Maisey. She had been in a rescue centre in Oxford for 3 years, she didn’t like dogs or people. When I adopted Maisey she proved to me that with time, love, patience and understanding how a dog can become just perfect and fit into the human world that is our expectation of all dogs. She was my turning point in life where my passion & mission was to find a way to support homeless dogs and so the journey began.

I may not change the world of homeless dogs but for those that I have re-habilitated , fostered and supported through the last 20 years to find loving, forever homes brings me joy & happiness. There are often tears of sadness along the way but I focus on the positives and the warmth that the love of dogs gives me and others. I am looking forward to our small team ‘Dogs in Mind’ making a difference to homeless dogs in whichever way we can.