I have been an animal lover for as long as I remember myself. Since a young age I cared for homeless animals who lived on the streets and tried to feed and shelter them as much as I possibly could. Back in my home country Latvia, I grew up with 2 dogs and was privileged enough to share most of my life with them, they taught me how to love and they are the reason why I have become the person I am today.

Several years ago I moved to England and after a while I started to volunteer for Animal Helpline Dog Rescue based near Peterborough. Over 6 years later I`m still going strong and this rescue has become one of my favourite places on this planet. Over this period of time I have had a few foster dogs, mainly little ones who needed some help to correct certain behaviour, or the ones who simply needed some tender loving care.

Still remember a day when I took home a little Poodle cross puppy who came in from a pound in a neglected state and was crying in pain. He had bad skin and was feeling very sorry for himself. We named him Teddy and after a couple of weeks I couldn`t live with the thought that he will leave my side and will be rehomed, so decision was made to adopt him and let Teddy join my fast growing family. Having already 2 older dogs in the house, Chica who was rescued form living on streets in Portugal and Kira who was saved by my brother in Latvia, Teddy made a wonderful addition and my oldies turned into dogs in their second youth!

After that I fostered a nervous dog called Chance… She was found as a puppy in Romania living in a field, and was transported to Animal Helpline with her siblings. Chance was given a new name Sandy and a new chance to have a happy life. After seeing Sandy`s nervous reaction towards people and her environment I understood that she might never fully recover from being unsure of people (even me). With time my love grew for Sandy and she fitted into our family perfectly, she became best friends with Teddy and was my perfect walking buddy. As expected, her foster home turned into her forever home and now she has got a big four legged family!

Now I have started an amazing chapter in my life and joined Dogs in Mind team to make a difference in this world.

My love for animals is the light in my life and I strongly believe that what is done with love is done well.