Beta’s Land

Beta’s Land rescue in Craiova Romania built by Loaca Aurelia is a haven for the poor canine souls of this country. In this country our doggie friends are treated in the most inhuman way and we often wonder how it is that they learn to trust humans again. Our team at DIM have worked with many of the doggies that arrive in the UK from this country and have observed the sadness and fear in their eyes. We know that the import of these dogs into the UK is increasing and after two of our team members adopted dogs from this country we realised very quickly that just maybe they will never be like the dogs that have lived in the UK.

Our team have visited Romania twice during 2017 to work with the amazing Doggie Angel Loaca Aurelia, this rescuer has inspired us to support spay & neutering in this country and educated us on the world of street dogs, including their behaviour. Beta’s Land is not a true representation of the life of the dogs in Romania as many of the doggies run free, loved & cared for and we know that the public shelters are absolute hell for our doggie friends. Here at Dogs in Mind we have chosen to support Beta’s Land as one of our charities because we want to make a small difference to some of the dogs that Beta’s Land support.  Here’s a little video of our recent visit ….x

2 dogs we were able to help: Sandy and Chance

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