Star dog Cilla.

Hello everyone!  At some point in Cilla`s life she had a very badly broken hock that Kama’s Cave paid to have pinned and plated, but unfortunately her body rejected this. They have tried Hydro therapy but the physiotherapy lady said it would not help, it then was discussed the possibility of a brace to help straighten her tendon but this was a no go as well, so unfortunately we were left with one option which was to amputate her leg.
She has had the operation and it went well. Cilla`s leg is healing very well and despite her losing a leg, she is a joyful and happy lady! Cilla loves to interact with people and enjoys cuddles.

Dogs in Mind team was happy to assist this little lady financially. As they say – every little helps!


For more detailed info on Cilla please call Kama`s Cave Sanctuary on 01406 330459 or contact Ann by e-mail:

Please visit their website for additional information: