2017 was a very busy year for Dogs in Mind.

It was a wonderful year as 3 friends decided to roll their sleeves up and make a difference in this world. Dogs in Mind was set up and due to hard work and kind supporters we managed to help various rescues who tirelessly save animals.

Below are some of our activities…


Beta’s Land rescue in Romania 2017

Back in 2017 we spend absolutely wonderful week with Aurelia – a lady who’s mission is to save animals in Romania.

Follow this link to see more … Beta’s Land

Whilst working hard in Romania we managed to help couple of dogs who were in need.

Check out story of Chance and Sandy… Chance & Sandy



Spay/neuter 2 street cats in Latvia!

Here at Dogs in Mind we’re not only about dogs, we love to help cats too!  Thanks to your support we were able to sent some money over to a kind lady in Latvia  who helps spay and neuter stray cats. Next week one male and one female cat will be heading over to the vet to have this life changing surgery and it will reduce many unwanted kittens to be born who would face unknown future on the streets.




Kama`s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary food purchase.

We joined one of the Kama`s Cave walks in Ferry Meadows to stretch our legs, meet many beautiful dogs and pass on a cheque for £100 for food purchase.

Anne at Kama`s Cave is working hard to save Sighthounds in need and keep them safe and sound.





Day out at Jack Hunt School, Peterborough.

In October 2017 we had a day out at  Jack Hunt School, Peterborough raising awareness to homeless dogs!
Chica has been a wonderful ambassador and greeted all the kids with enthusiasm ( yes, food did help )
Would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the parents for all the bedding donations throughout the year!
We had a wonderful day!



Autumn Country Fair, Peterborough 2017

Our Team organised the dog show at Autumn Country Fair in Peterborough. We had a fantastic day!

For more pictures from the day follow the link – Dog show